Photographic Slideshow Help

We are providing this information to assist you in using the slideshow program presented on this website. We hope that you find it helpful.
NOTE: To view more information about each photo, hover over the photo inside the player and the image title and caption will drop down from the top of the player.
This is an image of the slideshow navigation bar. This bar is visible as the images are rotated for your viewing. With this bar you are able to navigate through the available images in that album, pause and continue the rotation of images, view thumbnails of images not currently being viewed, and access the category menu to see what other images are available for viewing. Each element is broken down below.
NOTE: Using the navigation methods laid out below may pause the automatic rotation of images. To resume, press the play button.
Click on this icon to view more categories of available images. The resulting screen is explained in detail below.
Click on this icon to return to image 1. This icon may be greyed out and unavailable at times.
Go back one image.
Go forward one image.
Go directly to the last image in the album. This icon may be greyed out and unavailable at times.
Pause slideshow
Resume automatic rotation of images.
Hovering over the number navigation will reveal a thumbnail of the corresponding image.